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Vanessa brings both her personal and professional experience of life to the table. She is thoroughly professional and adopts a holistic ‘mind, body and spirit’ approach to her role, considering all aspects of an individual’s circumstances and history. She is an excellent listener, who has a reassuring and non-judgemental approach when more sensitive topics arise. I have found her adept at taking in a “brain dump” of a wide variety of issues and goals; extracting the key elements and root causes which may be causing blockages.

Starting work on these longer-term aspects is coupled with sound practical advice for making immediate improvements to lifestyle, health, wellness, nutrition and outlook. After just four sessions, I felt calmer, more content with increased propensity towards more positive thinking – not just a personal perception but noticed too by friends and family. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who feels the need to make adjustments to their lives with little or no idea as to how to start.

Graham Johnstone, former Senior Finance Manager, SITA

"Vanessa is a fantastic listener and has a wonderful coaching style. Before coaching with Vanessa I was struggling with assertiveness, meeting facilitation skills and getting my voice heard (or heard in the right way!). Vanessa did a great job of helping me to form my communication(s) in a way that would be better received and acted upon when needed. She also helped with conflict resolution skills and how to use them during meeting facilitation. She is clearly extremely knowledgeable and experienced and I highly recommend coaching with Vanessa. 10/10!" 


Charlotte Boundy, founder of eapa creative.

"Vanessa is a very competent coach, highly motivated to achieve results and help people make the best of themselves, both in their career and in their personal life. I have found Vanessa to be an empathetic listener and effective communicator who I feel comfortable talking to and would recommend to anyone who is thinking of a change of direction in life." 

Mark Janson, IT Consultant for HP

Vanessa is a very talented coach, she is an excellent listener, and I appreciated both her professionalism and the spiritual/holistic approach.
I felt lost and confused about my purpose. I was disconnected and uncentred with myself. Vanessa helped me to find this connection.
I highly recommend Vanessa.

Fabrizio Zandonella, Agile Project Manager/Scrum Master, Informatica, Italy



I always believe that in order for someone to truly understand what you are going through, you would have had to have faced similar struggles yourself . So after several years of working within the IT arena and facing challenges such as anxiety, bullying, harassment, fatigue and also having to wear a mask over who I truly wanted to be, I decided enough was enough, and it was time to set up my own business. I could then help my clients, using my own core values, which are authenticity, integrity and respect.

After graduating from the University of Birmingham in 2002, I had no specific idea regarding what I wanted to do but as per my story below, life circumstances led me to the town of Reading. There I fell into the world of Information Technology as there were an abundance of IT firms there. Having learned a lot of transferrable skills in this industry, I felt that there were many interpersonal challenges, even for someone like myself who is person centred and I was just moving from contract to contract hoping that the environment would improve, but it remained the same.

In 2013, after leaving the IT world, my body completely shut down and I had to sleep for 4 whole days. I also what people would call a spiritual awakening and started to see my life internally and externally more clearly. I had, like many people, been abusing myself by not eating right, surrounding myself with toxic people, and my energy levels were extremely low.


My soul was calling me to do something more of service to others on a human level. I took a role at the local college as a career coach and it was there that my colleague mentioned that I would make an excellent coach and recommended to enrol at Henley Business School. After enjoying their open day, I enrolled and graduated with a Professional Executive Coaching Diploma and this is when I set up my business in coaching and have not looked back since! 

As mental health is something close to my heart I also decided to join Soundwell Music Therapy as an advisor to the board of directors. A charity that is based in Bristol and Bath and is the only mental health charity in the UK that provides music therapy to adults. This is my way of giving back to the community, after receiving assistance for my own mental health challenges.

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"Want to feel more confident, motivated or energised in your life/work?

"Want to find your purpose or passion in life, or live more authentically?"

"Is FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) holding you back from attaining your goals?"

Through the past 20 years of my professional training in the IT corporate sector, and by coaching 100s of clients to be the best they can be in all areas of their life, I now understand how to live my best life as a coach, as well as a musician.

My coaching style is warm and welcoming as it is important for you to feel comfortable and at ease. I would recommend that you consider a minimum of 4 sessions to begin with, so you can get the best out of your coaching. After then, you get to decide how many sessions you need/can afford. You will not be coerced into extra sessions you do not want. 


My core coaching working hours are from 11am until 8pm, Monday to Thursday, UTC+0 time zone and I take bookings on here via Paypal or Bank Card OR via Bank Transfer,  from any location in the world, providing our time zones overlap.

**Corporate rates are available upon request.** 

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